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First Test Flight of Virgin Galactic’s VSS Enterprise


Hat tip to my Facebook and co-gamer Doc Strange for posting this video to Facebook. Very cool initial test flight of the “feather” technique/process to be used by Virgin Galactic‘s space flight vehicle “VSS Enterprise” on reentry into Earth’s atmosphere. I need to research that a bit more before I can even begin to understand it.

Couple of amazing points about this video and the vehicles:

  • The initial airplane + reentry vehicle combination (turns out it’s the VMS Eve and VSS Enterprise). I am surprised that it has enough structural rigidity and strength so that just the VMS Eve along requires landing gear? The VSS Enterprise, slung between the two VMS Eve fuselages, is attached to the cross wing, and that’s it!
  • Tracking video – how on earth did they maintain the tight tracking to keep the vehicle in frame like that. Was video shot from the ground, or more likely (now that I think about it) from the chase plane that shadowed the entire flight. Still, the VSS Enterprise video is amazingly solid and well-kept in frame.
Does the VMS Eve + VSS Entprise remind anyone else of an old P-38 Lightning on steroids? And jets?

Feature Launch: Managing Pages in One Overview

Feature Launch: Managing Pages in One Overview.

Facebook Overview Page

An easy to use central overview of ALL Facebook pages you manage.

Facebook recently announced this new feature that lets Facebook Page admins see ALL the pages they manage in one convenient location. You get to this page by clicking on the Pages link at left on your Facebook home page. The initial summary page shows all your pages, as well as information and quick links to Page tools for each Page:

  • Switch – This let’s you switch to using Facebook as that page.
  • Notifications – Shows a pop-up window with all Notifications for that page, clickable of course to let you quickly visit the post/photo/link mentioned.
  • Total Likes, Weekly Actives, More Link – The More link takes you to the Page Insights.
This should be very useful to social media and SEO folks who manage a few to many Pages for clients. It is nice having one convenient dashboard for this information.
What tool do you use to manage multiple Facebook Pages?

Meet the Samsung and Acer Chromebooks


They don’t actually go on sale until June 15, but you can check out their specs (not too shabby, for network-connected devices) and make the decision about which one suits your particular needs.

The (slightly) smaller of the two is the Acer Chromebook, shown here.

Acer Chromebook Running Chrome OS

The Acer Wi-Fi Chromebook is the smaller of the two, but not by much. It offers an 11.6-in screen, compared to the Samsung’s 12.1-in screen. Otherwise, apart from the Acer’s HDMI-out port (the Samsung has a mini-VGA-out port). Full specs are available at the direct links for the systems.

The larger Chromebook is from Samsung, show here.

This picture of the  Samsung Series 5 Wi-Fi Chromebook makes it look a LOT larger than the Acer, but it’s just a trick of the angle of the photo and the screens on the units. TechCrunch was on hand at the Chromebooks launch and got some serious hands-on time with the Samsung Chromebook, which is available in white!

Check out TechCrunch’s mini-review of the Samsung Chromebook, and a whole bunch of photos of the white unit in action.

YouTube – Introducing the Chromebook

YouTube – Introducing the Chromebook.

Simple overview and explanation of what a Chrome OS-powered computer, or Chromebook, is.

Check out the Acer Wi-Fi Chromebook and Samsung Series 5 Wi-Fi Chromebook – both available for pre-order on Amazon.com. Both units will eventually be available with built-in 3G wireless access, which of course would require a 3G wireless plan (and monthly fees). If you have Wi-Fi at your house, school, workplace, even along your commute – why not just stick with the Wi-Fi only model?

Stay tuned, when these new devices are released, we’ll bring you reviews and updated information.

Google To Lease Chrome Laptops for $20/Month [REPORT]

Google To Lease Chrome Laptops for $20/Month [REPORT].

I like this idea – a lot. I tried (and failed) to get into the pilot testing program for Google’s Chrome OS-powered CR-48 notebooks. The CR-48, powered by the minimal browser-like Chrome OS, offers minimal power in terms of hardware – compared to multimedia or high-end market notebooks – and has NO local storage. The CR-48 has a solid state drive with the OS, and all apps that you run are found online.

I think this is certainly a viable model for students, who will almost always have Internet access to “the cloud” – where their applications, email, calendar and all data will reside – and should be considered for some businesses as well.

With Internet access becoming more pervasive, why should you pay $500, $1000 for a laptop, when you can lease a platform to do the largely the same work for just $20/month, or just $240/year when you think about it that way.

I would certainly give it a shot. Most of my data is online these days anyway.

11 Free Microsoft Tools You’re Overlooking | PCWorld Business Center

11 Free Microsoft Tools Youre Overlooking | PCWorld Business Center.

Much is said these days about the “cloud.” How you can work, store data, photos and share all of it with co-workers, family and friends using (largely) free online tools from Google, Yahoo, Box.net, and many other web application players.

It’s not that well-known, however, just how many good (and free) tools that Microsoft makes available. Not all of them are cloud-based, but many of them are, allowing the same freedom of access and sharing capabilities as the other more well-known tools.

YouTube – Google Chrome: Dear Sophie

YouTube – Google Chrome: Dear Sophie.

I defy Dads out there to NOT at least tear up when they watch this…

The iPadification of WordPress.com

Image representing iPad as depicted in CrunchBase

Image via CrunchBase

I read with much interest Nick Momrik’s “Wow Your iPad Readers” article this morning; being able to display WordPress.com blogs (as well their .org counterparts) on the iPad in a very tablet-friendly mode is very cool indeed.

I, however, haven’t jumped on the iPad bandwagon – yet. And when/if I do make a tablet purchase, what if I go the Android route, or BlackBerry Playbook, or even HP’s WebOS? I’m hoping that OnSwipe is working on implementations of this plugin for the “other” tablets that are currently flooding the market this year.

Before I have an iPad, how can I tell what my WordPress site looks like on the iPad? As far as I know, there is no emulation software I can run on my PC, nor any websites that will let me get a glimpse of the OnSwipe’d version of my blog. Thankfully, Apple has provided a solution to this problem, for all of us who are iPad-less. Read more of this post

YouTube – Windows 8 Concept

YouTube – Windows 8 Concept.

I am intrigued by the glimpses of the UI offered in this video… Can anyone point me to a shell replacement or other app that offers anything remotely like this?

YouTube – Chain of Fools : Upgrading through every version of windows (HQ)

YouTube – Chain of Fools : Upgrading through every version of windows (HQ).


Goodness gracious… MS-DOS 5, and everything from Windows 3.1 forward look SO familiar! I can still remember, getting the shipment of twenty-plus 3.5-inch floppy disks for Windows NT 3.1, and plugging them in, one after another.

Amazing how much some things have changed, and how similar some UI items are to the UI bits of old.

What are some of your memories of old Windows versions?