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Feature Launch: Managing Pages in One Overview

Feature Launch: Managing Pages in One Overview.

Facebook Overview Page

An easy to use central overview of ALL Facebook pages you manage.

Facebook recently announced this new feature that lets Facebook Page admins see ALL the pages they manage in one convenient location. You get to this page by clicking on the Pages link at left on your Facebook home page. The initial summary page shows all your pages, as well as information and quick links to Page tools for each Page:

  • Switch – This let’s you switch to using Facebook as that page.
  • Notifications – Shows a pop-up window with all Notifications for that page, clickable of course to let you quickly visit the post/photo/link mentioned.
  • Total Likes, Weekly Actives, More Link – The More link takes you to the Page Insights.
This should be very useful to social media and SEO folks who manage a few to many Pages for clients. It is nice having one convenient dashboard for this information.
What tool do you use to manage multiple Facebook Pages?

Facebook Account Verification Procedure Redux

As fun as it was the first time I was exposed to it, Facebook saw fit to throw me into the Account Verification process by ID’ing photos of my “Friends” again. The first time, it was due to logins to a business-related Profile page that were from different IPs that triggered the Account lockdown. This time, I chose to download a copy of my personal information – supposedly everything I’ve ever posted to Facebook in the way of Photos, Comments, Wall Posts, etc. – and when I logged in to download my information… BAM! I was thrown into the photo verification process.

Luckily for me, I got 5 for 5 photos, ID’ing photos where friends of mine have been tagged. I was even successful despite the photo below being one of the options. I just so happen to have a friend who works for a woodworking products magazine, so it was an easy pick.

facebook account verification process photos

This was much easier than the photo I encountered (I ranted about it here) previously – of a fake UFO photo. It’s funny though, as people will tag themselves (or be tagged by others) in photos where they don’t even appear, or for other family members, or, apparently, in photos of inanimate objects.

Facebook Account Verification Process Is Broken!

I don’t know, Facebook, you tell me… Is this Joe, Drew, Jared, Dusty, Bill, or Jeremy? Looks like a flying saucer to me!


Facebook Account Verification Process - Photos

Hm.. I am not sure WHO that is, Facebook.


I work as Manager of  Internet + Social Media for a corporate holding company with around ten business units. I am working with a couple of the businesses to move their Facebook presences from a regular ID/Profile page, where people must click “Add a Friend” in order to make a connection to the business, to the much more business-friendly Fan Page. For a business, the Fan Page is the way to go; a Facebook user visits your Page, or your website (with a Like Box enabled, of course) and clicks the ubiquitous “Like” button- and presto, they’re a Fan! Read more of this post

Facebook Testing New URL Shortener, fb.me

Facebook launches their own URL shortener, much like http://bit.ly, http://tinyurl.com  and others, except for the fact that you can’t really use it yet, unless you use Facebook on a mobile device. Those devices are automatically using the shortener; I’m assuming it will be deployed to a wider audience, with tools, etc. at some point.

You can, however, hit http://fb.me/facebookusername and that will resolve ok. I have no idea if that URL will work – it just may belong to someone who grabbed that vanity URL. I do know that http://fb.me/brianhoney works just fine.

(I just checked, the facebookusername ID was not taken.)

Facebook Testing New URL Shortener, fb.me

New Phishing Scam Spreading Via Facebook Chat


Beware this phishing scam on Facebook. Don’t click on URLs in short messages like this, even if you know the sender. Their account may have already been compromised and is being used to further the scam.

Via Facebook Chat

Facebook Live Feed and News Feed Options Explained (Sort Of)


Ok, this just doesn’t make any sense. With the new News Feed / Live Feed on Facebook, you just aren’t going to see all the people you used to see when you visit your Facebook page. Basically, it boils down to this: With News Feed, you’re seeing posts and info about the people Facebook deems “popular.” Live Feed gives you everything. Or something like that.

The interesting thing is, with your News Feed and Live Feed, there are options that control who appears on either Feed, and for Live Feed, a setting for how many of your contacts will appear on your Live Feed. So Live Feed shows you everything, but just from a paltry 250 of your contacts.

(Maybe you have less than 250 contacts. In that case don’t be offended by my “paltry” characterization of your number of contacts. It doesn’t reflect on you as a person or your popularity. I have more than 250, but not nearly as many as some people do, despite me being a Facebook “whore” according to my wife.)

Now, back on track. Click on News Feed to make it active. Scroll to the bottom of the page, and click Edit Options in the light blue shaded box, just above the omnipresent Facebook footer stuff. This is the window you will see, or something similar.


Maybe my wife is right… I only recognize two of those names, but they are all my “friends.” Use this window to add other contacts that you think should appear in your News Feed.

Ok, let’s check out the Live Feed options. And this is the part that doesn’t make any sense. Notice the title of the window above: Hidden from News Feed. Then pay attention to the title of the next settings window.

Click Live Feed to make it active, then again scroll to the very bottom of the page, and click Edit Options. You’ll see this window, or something very similar, titled (duh!) News Feed Options. After clicking Live Feed, then Edit Options, you get the News Feed Options window. (!)


Now we’re getting somewhere. If you are not seeing as many of your regular friends as you think you should, in your Live Feed, it could be that they’re outside the 250 friends that Facebook defaults to for your Live Feed. Increase the number of friends to see more stuff on the Live Feed, or use the handy Show More and Hide areas to specify friends in either. You can ever view the Recommended Friends that Facebook currently feeds to your Live Feed.

The preceding is a long-winded response to a friend’s post about not seeing as many friends in his feed as he’s used to… It will likely only ever be read by him, and no one else. Thanks for tuning in.

Hat tip: To quickly scroll the bottom of ANY web page, hit the End button on your keyboard. Conversely, if you are down the page a bit (or at the end) hit the Home button to go to the top.

Aggravating Facebook UI Quirk

I just noticed something particularly aggravating about the Facebook user interface (UI) that has never come to my attention before. Now, this is an issue with the UI, not with the Wall, and how information is streamed on it, related to the big Facebook update a few weeks ago. For a website with such a good UI – aside from not being able to change that blue color, but even that is doable if you load up certain Greasemonkey scripts or do some other tricks – this one is so basic, I was truly surprised when I found it.


Read more of this post