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Meet the Samsung and Acer Chromebooks


They don’t actually go on sale until June 15, but you can check out their specs (not too shabby, for network-connected devices) and make the decision about which one suits your particular needs.

The (slightly) smaller of the two is the Acer Chromebook, shown here.

Acer Chromebook Running Chrome OS

The Acer Wi-Fi Chromebook is the smaller of the two, but not by much. It offers an 11.6-in screen, compared to the Samsung’s 12.1-in screen. Otherwise, apart from the Acer’s HDMI-out port (the Samsung has a mini-VGA-out port). Full specs are available at the direct links for the systems.

The larger Chromebook is from Samsung, show here.

This picture of the  Samsung Series 5 Wi-Fi Chromebook makes it look a LOT larger than the Acer, but it’s just a trick of the angle of the photo and the screens on the units. TechCrunch was on hand at the Chromebooks launch and got some serious hands-on time with the Samsung Chromebook, which is available in white!

Check out TechCrunch’s mini-review of the Samsung Chromebook, and a whole bunch of photos of the white unit in action.


Google To Lease Chrome Laptops for $20/Month [REPORT]

Google To Lease Chrome Laptops for $20/Month [REPORT].

I like this idea – a lot. I tried (and failed) to get into the pilot testing program for Google’s Chrome OS-powered CR-48 notebooks. The CR-48, powered by the minimal browser-like Chrome OS, offers minimal power in terms of hardware – compared to multimedia or high-end market notebooks – and has NO local storage. The CR-48 has a solid state drive with the OS, and all apps that you run are found online.

I think this is certainly a viable model for students, who will almost always have Internet access to “the cloud” – where their applications, email, calendar and all data will reside – and should be considered for some businesses as well.

With Internet access becoming more pervasive, why should you pay $500, $1000 for a laptop, when you can lease a platform to do the largely the same work for just $20/month, or just $240/year when you think about it that way.

I would certainly give it a shot. Most of my data is online these days anyway.

YouTube – Google Chrome: Dear Sophie

YouTube – Google Chrome: Dear Sophie.

I defy Dads out there to NOT at least tear up when they watch this…

Google blames software update for lost Gmail data | Digital Media – CNET News

Gmail inbox (July 2009)

Image via Wikipedia

Google blames software update for lost Gmail data | Digital Media – CNET News.

I must say this outage gives me pause.. I keep my main email on Gmail, as well as  a number extra accounts, for archives, notifications, and other uses, as well as a multitude of Gmail accounts I have setup over the years for various client operations and social media logins. I have found setting up my own Gmail account to use for a client is typically easier than getting a new email from the client’s IT department.

Even though Google assures users email will be restored “for everybody” – I have to wonder about how wise it is for me, or anyone else, to rely so much on this service.

Am I worried enough to use another service, one that would require fees? Probably not, at this point. But I think I will look into backing up more of my accounts offline, as I do with my primary email now.

Chrome for a Cause: Results, Possible Future Projects

So glad to hear that the Chrome for a Cause project did so much good during its short run – an amazing 60,599,541 tabs donated to charity! A total of $1 million dollars was donated to the charities, with the tabs and associated dollar amounts, as well the actual equivalent charitable items, shown by this graphic from the Google Chrome Blog:

Well done, Chrome Community! The especially good news in all of this is the possibility that the program will continue; they’re currently looking at new opportunities for future Chrome for a Cause projects!

So, keep your extension installed… and this awesome community can do some more good – soon, I hope – in 2011!

Google Chrome Blog: Browse for a good cause

Google’s Chrome community is making it very easy to do something good this Holiday Season. The new Chrome for a Cause extension will keep tabs (haha) on how many tabs you open while browsing the web every day between Dec. 15 and Dec. 19. At the end of each day, you can choose to contribute your accumulated tabs to one of five worthy causes:

  • The Nature Conservancy
  • Charity: Water
  • Doctors Without Borders
  • Un Techo para mi Pais
  • Room to Read Read more of this post

WindowsZone: OffiSync–Synchronize MS Office with Google Apps

WindowsZone: OffiSync–Synchronize MS Office with Google Apps.

OffiSync Open Document Dialog Box in MS Word 2010

Those of you either using or thinking of using the Google Apps online suite of tools will find this interesting. OffiSync, a free download, provides a toolbar for your Microsoft Office applications that allows instant access to your Google Apps document space. You can save to, and open from, your Google Apps documents as if it were just another hard drive connected to your system.

OffiSync can be downloaded and installed in less than ten minutes – more if you need to hit Google Apps and create an account. Hint: If you have a Gmail address, or a Google Account of any kind, you already have access to Google Apps. Simply go to google.com/apps and login.

If you need to sign up for Google Apps, try the free version, still available at that link.

Google Instant Enhancements – YouTube

Hat tip to Jolie O’Dell, of Mashable, and her article Google Instant Adds Keyboard Navigation, International Expansion, for bringing to my attention. Users of Google’s new Instant Search feature will be glad to know that Google is intent on making it even “instanter” than it already is. The addition of Keyboard Navigation especially, which makes the service fall in line with many other Google offerings that boast keyboard shortcuts, will allow those who search and search often, to really speed up the process.

As you begin searching with Google Instant, you see a list of Suggested queries appear below the main search field. You can now use your Arrow Up and Down keys to navigate through this list, and as  you highlight each Suggested query, the search results below will update accordingly.

As much as the introduction of Google Instant Search rocked (temporarily) the search engine optimization (SEO) world, this new feature alone will bring that discussion to the forefront once again in the SEO community. Besides showing you a list of results, any of which are click-able as you type a search, now users can instantly change that list of search results, just using the Up and Down keys.

How to Pin Websites in Google Chrome

One of the top features I liked about the IE9 Beta, and wrote about here, was the ability to Pin a website to the Windows 7 Taskbar or Start Menu. This feature has been much touted by many reviewers and bloggers as one of the more innovative and interesting of the new IE9.

Not to say that it is not innovative (or interesting) but Google Chrome has offered this capability for some time. I am not sure exactly when it gained this capability (maybe from the outset, I cannot verify it in some rudimentary searches this evening) but you can do exactly the same thing in Chrome, albeit with more steps required.

The process in IE9 is mentioned in my post, and described quite succinctly by the very popular and useful Tweaking with Vishal blog, is very simple. Simply drag and drop an IE9 Tab or the Favicon to the Taskbar or Start Menu, and you’ve done it. Pinning a website in Google Chrome takes a couple more steps.

Pinning a Website in Google Chrome

application shortcut creation google chrome

  1. First, click the Chrome Tools (wrench) menu, then Tools, and Click “Create Application Shortcuts…”
  2. On the dialog box as shown above, check the ones you want or don’t want, and click Create.
  3. You will now have a Pinned website on the locations chosen.

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Google admits its SEO could use a little work | Web Crawler – CNET News

Nice… To many in the SEO industry, Google is the end-all and be-all for everything related to optimizing websites. Getting on the first page results for your particular keywords on a Google search is the holy grail that all SEO’s seek on a routine basis. For their own websites, and especially those of their clients.

Interesting, Google has done an exhaustive SEO audit of over 100 Google sites, and better yet, has made the report public so that SEO professionals, as well as regular website owners and webmasters, can learn from what they found and improve their own optimization.

Google admits its SEO could use a little work | Web Crawler – CNET News.