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Facebook Account Verification Procedure Redux

As fun as it was the first time I was exposed to it, Facebook saw fit to throw me into the Account Verification process by ID’ing photos of my “Friends” again. The first time, it was due to logins to a business-related Profile page that were from different IPs that triggered the Account lockdown. This time, I chose to download a copy of my personal information – supposedly everything I’ve ever posted to Facebook in the way of Photos, Comments, Wall Posts, etc. – and when I logged in to download my information… BAM! I was thrown into the photo verification process.

Luckily for me, I got 5 for 5 photos, ID’ing photos where friends of mine have been tagged. I was even successful despite the photo below being one of the options. I just so happen to have a friend who works for a woodworking products magazine, so it was an easy pick.

facebook account verification process photos

This was much easier than the photo I encountered (I ranted about it here) previously – of a fake UFO photo. It’s funny though, as people will tag themselves (or be tagged by others) in photos where they don’t even appear, or for other family members, or, apparently, in photos of inanimate objects.


The New Twitter.com

twitter new user interface

via YouTube – Twitter: discover what’s new in your world.

Twitter rolled out a new version of its home page September 14. This video (maybe about halfway through, that is) shows you the new interface, and how it’s been updated. The main changes are the addition of pictures and videos, displayed right in your Twitter feed. Rather than having to click a shortened URL link through to a Twitter photo sharing site, or to YouTube or Vimeo to watch a video – you will now be able to see these media items right in your feed, on Twitter.com. Read more of this post

Add Chat and Drag & Drop Sharing to Your Site With Meebo Bar


You may have noticed the cool bar at the bottom of Mashable.com, that let’s you drag’n’share images on the page (as shown in the picture above), as well as chat in real-time via AOL Instant Messenger, which is accessed from the same Meebo Bar.

There are other options and configurable menus available once it’s installed, but I haven’t checked those out just yet. You can download plugins for WordPress, Blogger, and other publishing platforms.

Add Chat and Drag & Drop Sharing to Your Site With Meebo Bar

Woofer | Macroblogging

imageIt looks like Twitter, but it’s not. It’s Woofer – when 140 characters isn’t enough. Woofer requires updates of 1400 characters – minimum.

It’s really a very clever PR stunt, to draw attention to the site behind the stunt – Shuffletime, which I had some difficulty signing up for using the available Facebook login tool. Shuffletime is an interesting “card”-based link thing.

Woofer | Macroblogging