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The New Twitter Design

Designing the #newtwitter (via creative director, @stop) | Flickr – Photo Sharing!

New Twitter Design Follows the Golden Ratio

I knew there was a reason I like the new Twitter. The design is very pleasing, and so much more usable that the old feed-only view. Being able to pull up profiles, other feeds, etc. in the right-hand area, as well as the suggestions from the system as to who I should follow, etc. – is very useful.

Image representing Twitter as depicted in Crun...

Image via CrunchBase

The red line diagram superimposed over the new Twitter layout above represents the Golden Ratio – described at length in this Mashable article New Twitter Design Based on the Golden Ratio – an “irrational” mathematical constant found in everything from art to architecture.

Whatever the ratio, I like it! The new functionality of Twitter reminds me of the immediacy and feeling of Facebook, before they started making changes to the Wall news feed. I rarely if ever visited the actual Twitter.com, preferring to use either Seesmic or TweetDeck for accessing Twitter. Not so anymore.


The New Twitter.com

twitter new user interface

via YouTube – Twitter: discover what’s new in your world.

Twitter rolled out a new version of its home page September 14. This video (maybe about halfway through, that is) shows you the new interface, and how it’s been updated. The main changes are the addition of pictures and videos, displayed right in your Twitter feed. Rather than having to click a shortened URL link through to a Twitter photo sharing site, or to YouTube or Vimeo to watch a video – you will now be able to see these media items right in your feed, on Twitter.com. Read more of this post