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The iPadification of WordPress.com

Image representing iPad as depicted in CrunchBase

Image via CrunchBase

I read with much interest Nick Momrik’s “Wow Your iPad Readers” article this morning; being able to display WordPress.com blogs (as well their .org counterparts) on the iPad in a very tablet-friendly mode is very cool indeed.

I, however, haven’t jumped on the iPad bandwagon – yet. And when/if I do make a tablet purchase, what if I go the Android route, or BlackBerry Playbook, or even HP’s WebOS? I’m hoping that OnSwipe is working on implementations of this plugin for the “other” tablets that are currently flooding the market this year.

Before I have an iPad, how can I tell what my WordPress site looks like on the iPad? As far as I know, there is no emulation software I can run on my PC, nor any websites that will let me get a glimpse of the OnSwipe’d version of my blog. Thankfully, Apple has provided a solution to this problem, for all of us who are iPad-less. Read more of this post


How to Add a Carousel to Your Thesis Blog

add a carousel to your thesis wordpress blog 

Very cool WordPress technique, and excellent tutorial on how to add that “carousel” photo and recent stories tool to your blog. A carousel is in use on the Gray Wolf blog, and other sites like Gawker, Lifehacker and the whole family of blogs from whatever that groups is. The name is not listed on their website currently, at least that I can find it.

How to Add a Carousel to Your Thesis Blog