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YouTube – Google Chrome: Dear Sophie

YouTube – Google Chrome: Dear Sophie.

I defy Dads out there to NOT at least tear up when they watch this…


Introducing an All New Box: Simplicity Remade

Introducing an All New Box: Simplicity Remade « The Box Blog – Read about new features, interviews and more.

I’ve had a Box.net account for some time now, but have just recently gotten into using it heavily. Box.net basically provides storage in “the cloud” – that amorphous thing that all the Microsoft commercials refer to lately, and you’ll find it discussed on most computer- or software-related blogs as well.

Just as I’ve been a long-time proponent of web-based email services, first with Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, and now everyone’s favorite Gmail from Google, Box.net provides storage for files, as well as sharing tools that let you collaborate with others. Those “others” can be anywhere in the world, as long as they’ve got an Internet connection. I think it’s safe to say that nearly all business people these days have a connection to the Net. They can be co-workers, other freelancers, or others in your business.

Box.net offers free storage that allows for 5GB, and ramps up through a number of other storage size options aimed at individuals or business accounts, and even enterprise level accounts.

Chrome for a Cause: Results, Possible Future Projects

So glad to hear that the Chrome for a Cause project did so much good during its short run – an amazing 60,599,541 tabs donated to charity! A total of $1 million dollars was donated to the charities, with the tabs and associated dollar amounts, as well the actual equivalent charitable items, shown by this graphic from the Google Chrome Blog:

Well done, Chrome Community! The especially good news in all of this is the possibility that the program will continue; they’re currently looking at new opportunities for future Chrome for a Cause projects!

So, keep your extension installed… and this awesome community can do some more good – soon, I hope – in 2011!

WindowsZone: OffiSync–Synchronize MS Office with Google Apps

WindowsZone: OffiSync–Synchronize MS Office with Google Apps.

OffiSync Open Document Dialog Box in MS Word 2010

Those of you either using or thinking of using the Google Apps online suite of tools will find this interesting. OffiSync, a free download, provides a toolbar for your Microsoft Office applications that allows instant access to your Google Apps document space. You can save to, and open from, your Google Apps documents as if it were just another hard drive connected to your system.

OffiSync can be downloaded and installed in less than ten minutes – more if you need to hit Google Apps and create an account. Hint: If you have a Gmail address, or a Google Account of any kind, you already have access to Google Apps. Simply go to google.com/apps and login.

If you need to sign up for Google Apps, try the free version, still available at that link.

Google Instant Enhancements – YouTube

Hat tip to Jolie O’Dell, of Mashable, and her article Google Instant Adds Keyboard Navigation, International Expansion, for bringing to my attention. Users of Google’s new Instant Search feature will be glad to know that Google is intent on making it even “instanter” than it already is. The addition of Keyboard Navigation especially, which makes the service fall in line with many other Google offerings that boast keyboard shortcuts, will allow those who search and search often, to really speed up the process.

As you begin searching with Google Instant, you see a list of Suggested queries appear below the main search field. You can now use your Arrow Up and Down keys to navigate through this list, and as  you highlight each Suggested query, the search results below will update accordingly.

As much as the introduction of Google Instant Search rocked (temporarily) the search engine optimization (SEO) world, this new feature alone will bring that discussion to the forefront once again in the SEO community. Besides showing you a list of results, any of which are click-able as you type a search, now users can instantly change that list of search results, just using the Up and Down keys.

Google admits its SEO could use a little work | Web Crawler – CNET News

Nice… To many in the SEO industry, Google is the end-all and be-all for everything related to optimizing websites. Getting on the first page results for your particular keywords on a Google search is the holy grail that all SEO’s seek on a routine basis. For their own websites, and especially those of their clients.

Interesting, Google has done an exhaustive SEO audit of over 100 Google sites, and better yet, has made the report public so that SEO professionals, as well as regular website owners and webmasters, can learn from what they found and improve their own optimization.

Google admits its SEO could use a little work | Web Crawler – CNET News.

Goo.gl: Google Launches a URL Shortener, Too

Not to be left without a URL shortener service of their own… Google has launched http://goo.gl/.  As with Facebook’s http://fb.me service, it’s not really available the public yet, for manual or automated creation of shortened URLs, but it is being used by the Google Toolbar and Google’s Feedburner service.

Goo.gl: Google Launches a URL Shortener, Too

Discover Music


Google’s getting into Music. Interesting, I imagine most of what you can find – information about artists, albums, songs, lyrics – is already available in some or another from regular Google Web Searches, but providing a portal that’s essentially a filter on the web such as this could be very useful.

It’s also interesting that it’s just launched, and yet it doesn’t say it’s a “beta” service, in typical Google fashion.

Discover Music

YouTube – Google does not use the keywords meta tag in web ranking


“We don’t use the keywords meta tag in our search rank.” Boom! There you have it.

Bruceclay.com.au – Google Caffeine – SEO Blog


Good overview of Google Caffeine, basically the next generation Google – or at least the first step in an iterative process toward it.

Caffeine will impact Google in terms of its index size, indexing speed, accuracy and comprehensiveness.

You can access Google Caffeine for testing here: http://www2.sandbox.google.com/

Bruceclay.com.au – Google Caffeine – SEO Blog