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Facebook Account Verification Process Is Broken!

I don’t know, Facebook, you tell me… Is this Joe, Drew, Jared, Dusty, Bill, or Jeremy? Looks like a flying saucer to me!


Facebook Account Verification Process - Photos

Hm.. I am not sure WHO that is, Facebook.


I work as Manager of ¬†Internet + Social Media for a corporate holding company with around ten business units. I am working with a couple of the businesses to move their Facebook presences from a regular ID/Profile page, where people must click “Add a Friend” in order to make a connection to the business, to the much more business-friendly Fan Page. For a business, the Fan Page is the way to go; a Facebook user visits your Page, or your website (with a Like Box enabled, of course) and clicks the ubiquitous “Like” button- and presto, they’re a Fan! Read more of this post