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YouTube – Windows 8 Concept

YouTube – Windows 8 Concept.

I am intrigued by the glimpses of the UI offered in this video… Can anyone point me to a shell replacement or other app that offers anything remotely like this?


Windows Theme/UI Update « Chromatic Pixel


Excellent run-through of design permutations and direction for Firefox 4, currently in development. I’m loving the Firefox button concept, shown above, that would house the current text menu. This is similar to the new UI design for Windows apps and Office 2007, and Office 2010.  Many other images are provided.

Windows Theme/UI Update « Chromatic Pixel

Aggravating Facebook UI Quirk

I just noticed something particularly aggravating about the Facebook user interface (UI) that has never come to my attention before. Now, this is an issue with the UI, not with the Wall, and how information is streamed on it, related to the big Facebook update a few weeks ago. For a website with such a good UI – aside from not being able to change that blue color, but even that is doable if you load up certain Greasemonkey scripts or do some other tricks – this one is so basic, I was truly surprised when I found it.


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