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Windows Theme/UI Update « Chromatic Pixel


Excellent run-through of design permutations and direction for Firefox 4, currently in development. I’m loving the Firefox button concept, shown above, that would house the current text menu. This is similar to the new UI design for Windows apps and Office 2007, and Office 2010.  Many other images are provided.

Windows Theme/UI Update « Chromatic Pixel


Firefox Browser | Free ways to customize your Internet

The latest version, 3.5.6, is just out of beta, and I highly recommend it. It boasts improved Javascript performance (and it wasn’t too shabby to begin with), as well as Firefox’s standard security, performance, and customization options. If you’re using Internet Explorer, Chrome, or any other browser, Firefox is worth a shot.
Firefox Browser | Free ways to customize your Internet

How to Highlight Your Site Listing in Google SERPs

image Very cool tool here that let’s you quickly find your site in a search engine results page. Specify the domains to highlight (and the highlight colors for each) and you’re good to go.  At right it shows a site highlighted in Red.

This does require Firefox, and the free Greasemonkey script manager. Very useful tool for SEO professionals and website owners alike.

How to Highlight Your Site Listing in Google SERPs